Freshmen Sophomore Dinner

The Freshmen-Sophomore Dinner 2008

The fourth annual Freshmen-Sophomore dinner was the first opportunity for this year's freshmen to get to know the sophomores and was a wonderful welcome to their years here at Siena.

Fresh-Soph Table 1

Fresh-soph table 2


The Freshmen-Sophomore Dinner 2007

The Sophomores decided to carry on the three year tradition of treating the Freshmen to dinner as a way to both welcome them and get to know them. 

Table 1Table 2 

Table 3 

The group is excited and ready to eat.

A group of sophmores 

Malorie, Liz, and Kay

Ramy entertaining everyone 

Ramy entertains everyone with his key riddle- Who has the key?

Charlotte, Ashley, Victor and JT

Charlotte, Ashley, Victor and JT

Nidhi, Indira, Nathalie and Ishani 

Nidhi, Indira, Nathalie and Ishani

Sarah and John 

Sarah and John

freshman/sophmore 2007 

The Freshmen and Sophomores

The Freshmen-Sophomore Dinner 2005

This year, the Sophomores decided that it would be nice to get together with the Freshmen and treat them to a welcome dinner. It was a nice way for the two classes to get to know each other before they started their busy school year.


Merideth and Alex

Bright smiles all around!


Group Hug!


Amy, Roshni, Aman, & Midhuna


Jen, Deedee & Amanda


Victoria & Nina

group at dinner table 

group outside at night 

The Freshmen and Sophomores.