Department Chair

  • Daniel Moriarty
    Associate Professor Chemistry
    Morrell Science Center 219
    (518) 783-2472

Dr. Daniel Moriarty


Educational Background

B.S., Chemistry, 1993- Siena College, Loudonville, NY

Graduate Education

M.S., Chemistry, 1997 - State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY

Ph.D., Chemistry, 1999 - State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY

Courses Taught

  • General Chemistry I
    • CHEM 110 and associated lab
  • General Chemistry II
    • CHEM 120 and associated lab
  • Integrated Lab III
    • CHEM 416
  • Biochemical Mechanisms
    • CHEM 425
  • Integrated Lab IV
    • CHEM 426
  • Biophysical Chemistry
    • CHEM 428

Research Interests

  1. disulfide formation in peptide toxins
  2. protein folding
  3. gluten formation

Recent Publications

  1. Moriarty, D.F., Fiorillo, C., Miller, C., and Colón, W.  "A Truncated Peptide Model of the Mutant P61A FIS Forms a Stable Dimer", Biochim Biophys Acta (2007) 1774, 78-85
  2. Moriarty, D.F. and Colón, W. Structural Intermediates of Globular Proteins as Precursors to Amyloid Formation in Amyloid Proteins: The Beta Sheet Conformation and Disease. (J.D. Sipe, ed). Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany. (2005)
  3. Hobart, S.A., Ilin, S., Moriarty, D.F., Osuna, R., and Colón, W. “Equilibrium denaturation studies of the E. coli factor for inversion stimulation: Implications for in vivo function” Protein Science, (2002) 11, 1671-803.
  4. Moriarty, D.F., Demarest, S.J., Robblee, J., Fairman, R., and Raleigh, D.P. “Role of Local Interactions in Stabilizing the 6-120 Disulfide Bond in alpha-lactalbumin: Implications for Formation of the Molten Globule State” Biochem Biophys Acta, (2000) 1476, 9-194.
  5. Moriarty, D.F. and Raleigh, D.P. “Analysis of Sequential Proline Substitutions on Amyloid Formation in the Polypeptide Hormone Amylin” Biochemistry, (1999) 38, 1811-18185.
  6. Moriarty, D.F., Vagts, S., and Raleigh, D.P. “A Role for the C-terminus of calcitonin in Aggregation and Gel Formation: A Comparative Study of C-terminal Fragments of Human and Salmon Calcitonin” Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. (1998) 245, 344-348.

Recent Oral Presentations

  1. Kathleen Leamy, Cody Unczur, George Bazinet, and Daniel Moriarty. "Isolation of Antibacterial Molecules from Garlic and Sage against Staphylococcus aureus". Poster Program, 244 American Chemical Society National Meeting, September 2012, Philadelphia PA
  2. Kaleigh Cote, Jenna Cunningham, Kathleen Leamy, Shawn Reap, George Bazinet, and Daniel F. Moriarty. "Staphylococcus aureus cell wall proteins targeted by antibacgerial plant extracts". Poster Program, 243 American Chemical Society National Meeting, March 2012, San Diego CA
  3. Daniel F. Moriarty and Wilfredo Colón. “The Core of Factor for Inversion Stimulation Forms a Stable Structure: A Model for the Dimeric Intermediate of P61A Fis”. Poster Program, 224th Americal Chemical Society National Meeting, August 2002, Boston, MA.
  4. Daniel F. Moriarty and Wilfredo Colón . "Peptide Fragments From the DNA Binding Protein FIS: Influence of Proline on Secondary Structure" Poster Program, 6th John Hopkins Folding Meeting, March 2001, Berkeley Springs, WV.
  5. Daniel P. Raleigh, Daniel F. Moriarty, and Melanie Nilsson (1999). “Peptide Models of Amyloid Formation by Amylin”, Thirteenth Symposium of the Protein Society. July, 1999, Boston, MA.
  6. Daniel F. Moriarty and Daniel P. Raleigh (1997). “Scanning Proline Mutagenesis of the Amyloidogenic Core of the Polypeptide Hormone Amylin: Effects on Amyloid Formation”. Poster Program for Graduate Students in Chemistry. New York Academy of Sciences, New York, New York.



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