Department Chair

  • Carla Sofka Ph.D.
    rofessor of Social Work
    Rosetti Hall 309
    (518) 786-5046

Diana Strock-Lynskey



         Diana Strock-Lynskey, MSW

         Professor of Social Work



              Siena College

              Rosetti Hall 307

              515 Loudon Rd
              Loudonville, NY 12211-1462


              518-783-4283 (office)
              518-782-6499 (fax)






Brief Biographical Statement

Diana began her work with the Social Work Department in September of 1990.  During the 2013-14 and 2014-15 Academic Years, Professor Strock-Lynskey will be teaching in the First Year Seminar Program.  Her course theme for the 2013-14 year is "Whats the Difference?: Exploring Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Human Rights."


Courses Taught: Social Work Department, Siena College

SWRK 200: Interpersonal Communication Skills

SWRK 300: Human Behavior & the Social Environment I

SWRK 310: Human Behavior and the Social Environment II

SWRK 320: Social Work Practice Theory I

SWRK 400: Social Work Practice Theory II

SWRK 410: Basic Field Education

SWRK 420: Advanced Field Education

 SWRK 453: Death, the Dying Process, Loss and Grief

SWRK 499: Independent Study in Social Work

ADTV 250/SWRK 466: Historical Trauma, Restorative Justice & Cemetery Work in Belarus

GLST 300:  Civil War, Cleansing & Restorative Justice (summer of 2008)


Chapters In Textbooks                                  

Strock-Lynskey, Diana & Sofka, Carla (2011). Utilizing Cemetery Work as a Mechanism for Teaching and Engaging Students in   Restorative Justice Efforts. In Birkenmaier, Cruce, Burkemper, Curley, Wilson and Stretch. (Eds.) Educating for Social Justice:  Transformative Experiential Learning. (pp. 149-170). Chicago, Illinois.          

Strock-Lynskey, Diana & Keller, Diana. (March 2007). “Integrating a Family-Centered Approach into Social Work Practice with Families of Children and Adolescents with Disabilities” in Disability and Social Work Education: Practice and Policy Issues, Francis K. O.Yuen, DSW, Carol B. Cohen, PhD, Kristine Tower, EdD., Editors, Haworth Press, pp. 111-134.

Strock-Lynskey, Diane. (February 2005) “Entrepreneurship and the Macro Social Work Practitioner” in More Days in the Lives of Social Workers: 35 “Real-Life” Stories of Advocacy, Outreach, and Other Intriguing Roles In Social Work Practice, The New Social Worker Press, pp. 109-114.

Case Study in Textbook                                             

Strock-Lynskey, Diane and Gil, Theresa. (2007). “Saundra Santiago" in Case Studies in Generalist Practice, 4th Edition. Editors:   Rivas, Robert F. and Hull, Grafton Jr. Publisher: Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, California. (Also included in 1st and 2nd Editions: 2004, 2001, 1998).

Strock-Lynskey, Diana & Keller, Diana. (2007). “Integrating a Family-Centered Approach into Social Work Practice with Families of Children and Adolescents with Disabilities” in Journal of Social Work in Disability and Rehabilitation, special edition, pp. 111-134, vol. 6, #1/2.

Conference Proceedings                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

New York State Social Work Education Association 39th Annual Conference Proceedings. The Battlefield for Human Rights: Social Work in the Trenches, edited by Carol Brownstein-Evans, Ph.D., LMSW, ACSW. Strock-Lynskey, Diana (fall of 2007). “Historical Trauma, Restorative Justice and Jewish Cemetery Work, Belarus, Eastern Europe,” pp. 3-19, vol. 10, Rochester, New York.


Association of Baccalaureate Directors CD-Rom Pioneers in Social Work Series                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Strock-Lynskey, Diane. (2004). Social Work. One of 40 social work educators selected for inclusion as “Pioneers in Social Work Education,” in a landmark collaborative CD-ROM and video series undertaken by the Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors Inc. in association with Metropolitan State College of Denver. Two interview segments for this series – “Disability and Social Work Practice” and “Social Work and Macro Practice” - were selected for inclusion in the final series which has been distributed each year at national social work education conferences.



Justice Studies Association                                                            (2009-2010)

Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors                                (1993 thru present)

Council on Social Work Education                                                   (1992 thru 2007)

New York State Social Work Education Association                           (1993 thru present)

National Association of Social Workers/NYS Chapter                          (1997 thru 2003)

Association of Native American and Alaskan                                     (1999 thru present) 


Leadership Positions



Degrees/Certificates/Certifications Earned

Summer of 2010          University of Utah @ Salt Lake City                 PhD Coursework in Progress)
thru Present                Accepted for PhD in Social Work/TED                     

Summer of 2010         Collaborative Institutional Training                 Research Certificate Initiatives (CITI)                                                          

                                                                                                                       Basic Course for Behavioral Investigators & Key Personnel

Spring of 2010             American Foundation for                                  SAFETALK Training Certificate

                                        Suicide Prevention                                           


Summer of 2008         American Foundation for                                  ASSIST Training Certificate

                                        Suicide Prevention


May of 1980                 MSW in Social Work – Management,              Syracuse University

                                      Planning, & Com. Organization/Child & Maternal

                                      Health Care Policy (Specialty Area)


1976-1979                   Counseling Psychology – 26 credits                University of New York at Albany

                                      (60 Credit Masters)


1976                            B.A. in Sociology/Concentration                     Siena College

                                     in Social Work (Magna Cum Laude)

                                     Major Field Award: Sociology, Social Work, Criminal Justice


      Native Educators                                                                    



Council on Social Work Education Curriculum Compendium

Strock-Lynskey, Diane. (March 2002) “HBSE I and HBSE II: Model Syllabi” in Integrating Disability Content into Social Work Curriculum: A Compendium, Gibson, Stephen and DePoy, Elizabeth, Editors Council on Social Work Education Publications. Brain Injury Association of New York State (2004-2008)


Professional Journal Article