Department Chair

  • Dean Amadio
    Associate Professor of Psychology
    Roger Bacon 403
    (518) 782-6768

Internships Application Requirements

Criteria for acceptance as established by the department

  • Minimum of 15 credits in psychology
  • Overall GPA of 3.00 or higher (for at least the past 4 semesters)
  • Psychology GPA of 3.00 or higher

Completion of relevant coursework, as indicated:

For Research Internships:
  • PSYC300 Research Methods in Psychology
  • AND also either PSYC215 Theories of Personality
    OR PSYC260 Social Psychology
    OR PSYC310 Tests and Measurements

For Clincal and Counseling Internships
  • PSYC220 Abnormal Psychology
  • AND also either PSYC 215 Theories of Personality
    OR PSYC320 Counseling Theories & Techniques

Also, for Clincal and Counseling Internships you must have ONE additional course:

  • You can take EITHER PSYC310 Test & Measurements (for any site)
    OR else one of the specific courses below, depending on the type of placement you are seeking:
    • Alcohol/Drug Treatment:
      • PSYC345 Drugs & Human Behavior
      • OR SWRK452 Drugs & Alcohol
    • Child Treatment:
      • PSYC325 Child & Adolescent Psychopathology
    • Domestic Violence:
      • PSYC120 Psychology of Women
      • OR a Social Work course on Domestic Violence
    • I/O Vocational Counseling:
      • PSYC365 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    • Neuropsychology Rehabilitation:
      • PSYC350 Physiological Psychology
    • School Counseling:
      • PSYC325 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
      • OR EDUC210 Issues in Contemporary Education
    • Adult Treatment: PSYC310 Tests & Measurements (only)

In addition, students who wish to do a child or school placement internship must complete the developmental area requirement for the major (PSYC200 Child Psychology or PSYC205 Adolescent Psychology) before the semester in which they will do their internships.

NOTE: In choosing courses, you may want to keep these course prerequisites in mind. The requirement to do an internship requires more or different courses than some majors would normally take. For example, for the major you need only take either PSYC220 (Abnormal) or PSYC215 (Personality) to meet the major requirement for the clinical area. But if you want to do an internship later on, you need to take both of those courses or take PSYC220 Abnormal and the elective PSYC320 Counseling course. Also, if you do not take PSYC310 Tests & Measurements, then you will have to take one of the courses listed above to do a specific internship site. Applications are accepted each semester from students who want to do an internship the following semester. Students who do not have the prerequisite courses by the semester they would actually do the internship will not be accepted into an internship.

Goals and Objectives for the Internship Experience
  1. To provide psychology students with a professional training experience, allowing them to understand the work of the psychologist in a mental health setting.
  2. To offer students an opportunity to integrate theoretical and research learning with the applied nature of professional psychology.
  3. To stimulate student interest in an area of psychological practice or research.
  4. To facilitate discussion of internship experiences among students so that individual learning will be enhanced.
  5. To provide assistance to the placement supervisor in carrying out the tasks of the agency.
  6. To help students to better clarify their career goals and prepare them for subsequent educational or career experiences.

Note: Students planning to apply for the psychology internship program for the semester following a study abroad experience must have all internship course requirements fulfilled at the time of application. These students are responsible for submitting a completed application according to the established deadlines for that semester. Normally that deadline is the third week of the semester prior to the internship experience as stated in the College catalog.