Laurie Naranch, Ph.D.

Laurie Naranch, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science

Siena College
515 Loudon Road, Loudonville, NY 12211-1462
Office: 518.782.6877  Fax: 518.782.6548

Director, Women's Studies Minor



Dr. Laurie Naranch earned her BA in Political Science at The College of Wooster, Wooster Ohio and her MA and PhD at Rutgers University, New Jersey.  Dr. Naranch specializes in political theory, democratic theory, democracy and difference, gender and politics, human rights, and film and politics.  Recent classes taught include:  POSC 130 Introduction to Political Theory, POSC 339 Special Topics: Global Citizens, and POSC490 HONORS Human Rights.

Dr. Naranch is the Graduate School Coordinator for the Department of Political Science. She hosts a fall workshop on graduate schools that she coordinates with the Political Science Society and the Career Center.   See Dr. Naranch if you are considering a graduate program – she will help direct you.

Dr. Naranch also serves as the advisor to the Political Science Society – a student led group “to provide a non-partisan arena for all members of the Siena College community to participate in lively and meaningful endeavors in the encompassing realm of politics.”


Current Courses Fall 2012

POSC 130 Introduction to Political Theory (meets a Political Science major requirement, counts for the minor and also serves the College CORE as a Franciscan Concern Course in Social Justice, this course also counts toward the new Community Engagment Certificate Program)

POSC 339 Special Topic in Political Theory: Democracy and Popular Arts -- co-taught with Dr. Erich Hertz of the English Department -- an innovative, and we hope critical and enjoyable, interdisciplinary elective course to explore the relevance of popular arts for political critique, understanding and building political communities, and for helping us to understand the role of visual, print, and musical arts to public life.


Recent Publications

Dr. Naranch’s publications include:

*Forthcoming entries for Blackwell's Encyclopaedia of Political Thought on "Gender and Identity Politics", "Women's Rights" and "Kwame Anthony Appiah"


*Remembering Democracy in Claiming Women's Rights" in Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice Vol. 22 Issue 4. Winter 2010.

*The chapter “Smart, Funny and Romantic?: Femininity and Feminist Gestures in Chick Flicks” in You’ve Come a Long Way Baby: Women, Politics, and Popular Culture edited by Lilly J. Goren (University of Kentucky Press, 2009), 

*“The Imaginary and a Political Quest for Freedom,” differences (issue 13.3, Fall 2002),

*The review “Passionate Politics” about the book by Cheryl Hall, The Trouble with Passion  in Theory & Event (10:3, 2007).


Current Research

Dr. Naranch’s  current research is on the politics of good intentions in global citizenship, the use of history in political struggles, and the gendered and raced dimensions of political life. She has presented work on these topics at the American Political Science Association and the Western Political Science Association, specialized conferences, and as an invited lecturer.


Dr. Naranch's most recent conference presentations were "Rooted How?: The Allure and Limits of a Cosmopolitan Ethics for Politics" on the work of Appiah and Iris Marion Young at the Western Political Science Association Meeting, Portland, OR, March 22, 2012, a paper on the contribution of Cornelius Castoriadis to feminism in Mexico City, UAM, October 2012, a paper about making judgments through illustrative examples called "Bad Examples, Feminist Politics and Risky Judgments" at the annual American Political Science Association Meeting in Seattle, WA 2012,  "Debt and the Citizen" where she explored the de-democratizing aspects of indebted students given that student loan debt now outpaces credit card debt in the US and is an ordinary experience of most college students. She gave this paper at the Center for the Study of Citizenship, "Bodies and Citizenship Conference" April 1, 2011 in Detroit.