Department Chair

  • James C. Harrison
    Professor of History
    Kiernan Hall 228

Jobs, Careers, & Graduate School

So you're a history or American Studies major, now what?  Can you get a job?  What can do you with your B.A.?.

Where to start?  First, go to the career center as soon as possible to see what they have to offer.  It is a myth that businesses are not interested in history B.A.s.  There are many history majors who find careers in businesses and several from Siena who are working for Wall Street firms.  If a business career interests you, you need the help of the career center to develop your resume and to find the contacts that will land you that first business job.

If you are interested in teaching social studies in grades 5-12, then you need to see Dr. Harrison as soon as possible to discuss our history education program, or ask your advisor.

If you are interested in graduate school for history, either an M.A. in education or history or a Ph.D.(which you would need to teach at the college level), you need to consult as soon as possible with Dr. Bruce Eelman, our graduate school advisor.

If you are interested in college jobs and internships  for students, careers in history and public history (museums and historical associations), or graduate programs in public history, please see Dr. Mahar.

Be sure to attend our "After History, What?" afternoon seminars, in which Siena alumni and others in particular fields come to speak to Siena history and American Studies majors to discuss what they do and what they did to get the jobs they hold now.  If you have an idea for "After History, What?" please contact Dr. Wendy Pojmann..