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ROTC Professor Awarded Best in Nation

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Major Matthew Chambers, a member of the Siena Faculty and Military Science Department, was awarded the Colonel Leo A. Codd Memorial Award for the most outstanding ROTC Instructor of the Year for Army ROTC. 

The award is in memory of the late Colonel Leo A. Codd, who devoted his entire life to the principle that the “the best guaranty of peace is a strong United States.” Colonel Codd, who was a ROTC graduate himself, was a strong life-long supporter of the ROTC Program.

Each recipient is selected from junior officers (not above the rank of major/lieutenant commander) who are instructors in the ROTC Program across the country.

Major Chambers was nominated by cadets in the Mohawk Battalion. “Major Chambers has been an icon, a mentor, and a friend that has provided me the guidance, motivation and technical skills to become an excellent army officer and leader,” said Charles Waters ’12.

Cadets also say he has been a great coach for the Ranger Team. “While still allowing for primary cadet leadership on the team, Major Chambers took it upon himself to coach and mentor each member of the team in order to bring each member to his or her full potential. My participation on the team allowed me to gain practical knowledge of the lessons that I was taught in class and allowed me to grow at an unprecedented rate under his coaching ,” said Thomas Seagroatt ’09.

Army ROTC was mandatory for all freshman and sophomores at Siena College until 1969. Today ROTC is an elective program open to all qualified students. As part of the Army's downsizing in the early 1990s, Army ROTC was reduced to its current configuration of 270 programs nationwide. The separate RPI ROTC program was discontinued, and Siena College became the host institution for Army ROTC in the New York Capital District region. RPI and U-Albany are now part of Cadet Command's partnership program, and the Mohawk Battalion includes cross-enrolled students from more than fifteen other schools. In 1999, the Mohawk Battalion was ranked 19th-best in the nation. In October 2000, the Mohawk Battalion Ranger Challenge Team took 3rd Place in the brigade competition among twenty teams. The Siena College Army ROTC program is currently ranked in the top third of all programs nationwide.



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