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Sharks and Spreadsheets

Thursday, August 15, 2013

By Jacque Medina '15

Dana Tricarico '14 is used to excitement in the water. She was Siena’s swimming and diving team captain this past season and was a member of Siena's 400-free relay squad that holds the Siena Swim Center pool record in her first career meet.

This summer Tricarico has been working with sharks. The rising senior's interest in environmental studies and marine biology, coupled with success in and out of the water at Siena, helped her land a research assistant position off the coast of South Africa.

“I have never been afraid of sharks like most people,” she said. “I'm fascinated by them. I love everything about the ocean, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to put my passion to good use.”

Tricarico's tasks include tagging great white sharks and various species of whales, as well as building a strong professional network with some of the top scientists in the field of marine biology. As far as on-location, hands-on experience, Tricarico's internship is in the world's hub of shark activity. National Geographic recently filmed a documentary called "Sharkville" in the Mosselbaai Region.

Tricarico is one of a growing number of Siena student athletes getting a jumpstart on their careers with prestigious internships and leadership opportunities helped along by the athletic department's newly expanded student services department.

"There's been a 67% increase in the number of student athletes who've landed these summer positions in the last year," said Lori Jancik, director of student athlete engagement.

Women's basketball star Tehresa Coles ’15 is getting a head start in the professional game this summer with a financial counseling internship at The Ayco Company, L.P. in Albany.

"On a typical work day, I create spreadsheets for my supervisor to organize information for the counselors working in my department." Coles said. "The counselors take calls and make appointments to speak with employees from various companies about their finances. They assist the clients with financial planning, and then I help organize what calls need to be made."

Coles is part of a new trend that has underclassmen breaking into the internship game early to strengthen their resumes. She's also a student athlete that has a legitimate chance to play her sport professionally after graduation, but she wants to open as many doors as possible.

“I’d love to work here at Ayco,” she said. “I'm fascinated by the topics the financial counselors cover. If I don't attempt to play overseas after Siena, I definitely want to find a job in the business field. This internship has helped prepare me for life after basketball.”

Falko Friedrichs, a red-shirt junior on Siena's men's soccer team, is also building his resume this summer with an internship for the international technology company Global Foundries.

“I applied and received an invite to interview based on my Siena resume and my previous work experience,” Friedrichs said. “I had four interviews in the spring and a week later I was offered the internship position.”

Originally from Germany, Friedrichs is living on campus this summer and commuting to Malta for the chance to gain experience with a rising company that carries a global footprint.

“I work from 8-to-5 every day,” Friedrichs said. “In the morning, I usually meet with my supervisors to go over the day. I work on my own projects, help the team with their daily activities, shadow my colleagues and attend meetings. Every day is different which keeps it very interesting.”

Friedrichs and Coles credit their backgrounds in Siena's athletic programs for helping them attain these positions.

“Siena student athletes want to make a difference,” Jancik said. “We're here to help make sure that happens, and I think we're starting to make some real progress.”

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