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Siena Success: Steve Obermayer '83

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BBL Construction Services Chief Financial Officer Steve Obermayer '83 started building a rock-solid foundation with Siena long before he enrolled in the College. “My father was an alumni, very active," Obermayer said. “I’ve been going to picnics there since the 1960s.”

Obermayer earned a degree in accounting and his family kept a strong connection to the College even after he graduated in 1983. “I have two younger brothers who are also graduates of Siena. My wife has worked in Student Affairs for the last 30 years, so I’ve been attached to Siena all along," Obermayer said.

That attachment continued in his work life as well. After graduation, Obermayer spent five years working as a Certified Public Accountant for a firm where a Siena College trustee was a partner. He spent another five years in banking and he’s devoted the last 20 years to helping BBL become a diversified company. BBL focuses primarily on design-build construction but also offers other services. "Real estate development, property management and we also have a thriving hospitality division,” Obermayer said.

Along with the variety of commercial construction projects BBL has undertaken over the years, Obermayer’s company has helped the Siena College campus evolve. Padua Hall and New Hall are among the sites BBL has taken from interesting concepts to campus landmarks. “We had the privilege to work on many projects on campus," Obermayer said. "(They) have been very rewarding for the school and for ourselves."

Obermayer said putting people in positions to succeed and building strong teams are the keys to creating a successful company. He credits BBL employees and former colleagues with helping him receive Siena College's Professor Joseph A. Buff Award for alumni with outstanding accomplishments or achievements in their careers. “I’m honored by the award, but there are many, many people that made it possible," Obermayer said.

Receiving a Distinguished Alumni Award is made even more special for Obermayer because his father won the Reverend Benjamin Kuhn, O.F.M. Award. While he’s being honored by the College, Obermayer said the Franciscan friars and Siena professors, including accounting professor Bob Nolte, led to his career success because they wanted the students to succeed and stressed the importance of community and service to others. “Those are critical components in having a successful company and I think that is prevalent, at least in my experience in business in the Capital Region," Obermayer said.

In true Siena College spirit, Obermayer said helping others and becoming a person people can rely on are the building blocks of a successful career. “Every time you do something positive, there’s a ripple effect throughout the organization. Sometimes it’s not even measurable, but in the long run, if you help others, you will be successful," Obermayer said.

Obermayer continues to help students attending his alma mater through the Obermayer Family endowed scholarship. His commitment to improving the community, dedication to employees and focus on helping others succeed make Steve Obermayer a shining example for the Siena community and an ideal blueprint for career success.

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