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Siena Poll: Life is better with cell phones and computers.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Seventy-two percent of New Yorkers think that electronic devices such as personal computers, cell phones and smartphones have made life better while only 12 percent think they have made it worse according to a new survey released today by the Siena (College) Research Institute (SRI). Among state residents, 92 percent say that they have access to and use a cell phone while nearly as many, 86 percent, have and use a computer. Ninety-five percent agree (72 percent strongly) that new technologies like the internet have changed our lives by putting all information at our fingertips and three quarters agree new technologies have increased the level of communication they have with important people in their lives.
New technologies have according to survey respondents brought problems as well. Nearly two-thirds say that they actually cause increased levels of stress and anxiety and 79 percent feel that children use computers, cell phones and gaming systems too much. Despite all the advantages the internet and electronic devices offer, significant problems and concerns include drivers talking on cell phones (84 percent), texting while driving (92 percent), internet bullying (64 percent), sexting (54 percent), pornography on the internet (55 percent) and the ease of using personal information for criminal or exploitive purposes (87 percent).

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