Department Chair

  • James Booker
    Professor of Economics
    Colbeth Hall 207

Why focus on Economics?

What Economics Is

          Economics is a social science that is very broad in subject matter and helps us to understand the social world at it is. Economists study the behavior of many different types of social systems such as families, markets and corporations in order to make policy recommendations that will make people better off.

            Economics is more than just understanding prices, competitive markets, and the interactions between markets. It also focuses on important topics such as monopolies and antitrust, income inequality, economic growth, and the business cycle continue to be central areas of inquiry in economics.  The subject matter of economics still continues to grow which allows economists to address an array of questions and challenges.

          The job of an economist  is to ask questions about the social world and addressing those questions with data and logic, and employ mathematical and statistical tools to aid the analysis.  A economics student at Siena college will learn to think like an economist by   analyzing the world in terms of tradeoffs and incentives. economist. 

Why Concentrate in Economics?

            There are many good reasons to concentrate in economics.  Economics helps people to improve their understanding of the social world through science.  Any student that has interest in international trade, business cycles, environment or the stock market, economics is the natural choice.  Economics also interests many whom seek a rigorous quantitative approach to social science.  Economics provide students with an excellent background for professional work in business, banking, law, and even medicine.