Eligibility to Participate in Commencement

Only students who have a degree application on file are eligible to participate in Senior Week, Baccalaureate and Commencement 2014 events.

Degree Application

All prospective May graduates must file a degree application in the Registrar’s Office by February 3, 2014No degree application – No Commencement.

Eligible Student Listing

You may verify receipt of your degree application at the Registrar’s Office, SH 102. The Associate Registrar will contact you if there are any issues with your status. Additionally, please notify the Registrar's Office of any discrepancies you are aware of in your CAPP Report.


Prospective graduates who are registered for consortium courses during the Spring Semester are reminded that an official copy of the transcript from the host institution must be received by the Registrar's Office before they will be certified as having met all degree requirements.  To be considered a “May 2014” graduate, these transcripts must arrive in the Registrar's Office by May 5, 2014. Students, who are completing their degree, either partially or completely, on the basis of transfer credits taken during the 2014 Spring Semester at another institution, must also arrange to have official transcripts received by the Registrar's Office by May 5, 2014.  Necessary arrangements should be made with the other institution; however, notify the Registrar at Siena immediately if there are any anticipated difficulties in meeting this deadline. It is your responsibility to check with the Registrar's Office to see if your transcripts have been received. There are still some prospective May graduates who have not had official transcripts sent for courses taken at other colleges during the Summer and Fall of 2013; the January 2014 intersession; or for other previous semesters. This can include high school. These transcripts are essential to update records and give final clearance for graduation.  These are due in the Registrar’s Office by March 3, 2014.


Commencement Ceremonies: Participation

Commencement is a ceremony. Graduation signifies the official completion of all degree requirements. They are NOT the same thing. Attending commencement does not mean you Graduated!

Academic Requirements

  In order to be eligible to attend the Commencement Ceremony in May you must:

  1. Complete a Degree Application in the Registrar’s Office by February 3 (or have completed all degree requirements in the previous summer or fall term).
  2. Be registered for courses necessary to complete ALL degree requirements in the Spring term as of the last day to drop courses with a WP/WF (Apr 22). (Including approved Spring transfer credit courses, for which you are registered, that may not be completed until after the ceremony).

In order to be considered a May Graduate you must:

  1. Complete a Degree Application in the Registrar’s Office by February 3.
  2. *Successfully complete ALL course requirements for your degree program PRIOR to the Commencement Ceremony (Including the receipt of final transcripts for courses approved for transfer credit in the Spring).

*This is a NYS Education Department Regulation.   If you were eligible to attend Commencement but did not meet all graduation requirements prior to the May ceremony (including Spring Study Tour classes) you must:

  1. Complete a Degree Application in the Registrar’s Office by the end of the first week in June to be considered for an August 31 graduation date.
    Note: Once all requirements are met with final grades and/or transcripts for transfer credit purposes are processed, the Registrar’s Office will provide an official statement on request indicating all degree requirements have been met (for job or graduate school purposes) and that the diploma will be awarded as of August 31.

All eligible students are encouraged to participate in commencement activities. Those who will be unable to do so should notify the Office of Academic Affairs in writing or by e-mail to Lynn Rogers by April 23,2014.