Siena College Experts Directory

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Actuarial Science
Joseph G. Marrone, Ph.D.
American Catholicism
American Civil War
Army Organization and Training
Arts Education
Biblical Studies
Biomedical Ethics
British Romanticism
Business History
Cemetery Restoration
Children and Adolescents with Disabilities
Diana Strock-Lynskey
Civil Rights Movement Paul T. Murray, Ph.D.
Comparative Health Care and Sociology of Aging
Duane A. Matcha, Ph.D.
Computational Geometry Robin Flatland, Ph.D.
Computer Science
Scott Diehl, Ph.D.
Mary Anne LaRow Egan, Ph.D.
Consumer Confidence
Douglas Lonnstrom, Ph.D.
Contemporary Europe Wendy Pojmann, Ph.D.
Corporate Finance James Murtagh, Ph.D.
Counseling, Mental Health and Substance Use Issues Dean M. Amadio, Ph.D.
Couples Therapy Mo Therese Hannah, Ph.D.
Data Cluster Analysis Mary Anne LaRow Egan, Ph.D.
Death, Grief and Loss Diana Strock-Lynskey
Disabilities Diana Strock-Lynskey
Discrimination Diana Strock-Lynskey
Domestic Violence Maureen Therese Hannah, Ph.D.
Ecology Christopher Harbison, Ph.D.
Eighteenth-Century English Literature Charles Trainor, Ph.D.
Emotional Intelligence Maureen Therese Hannah, Ph.D.
Entrepreneurship James Murtagh, Ph.D.
Environmental Issues Jennifer McErlean, Ph.D. 
European History Scott K. Taylor, Ph.D.
Finance James Murtagh, Ph.D.
Globalization Studies Jean Stern, Ph.D.
Golf History Douglas Lonnstrom, Ph.D.
Grant Writing Donna McIntosh
Green Chemistry Kevin Kittredge, Ph.D.
Growth and Development Diana Strock-Lynskey
Hinduism Linh Hoang, O.F.M., Ph.D.
History Jennifer Dorsey, Ph.D. 
Bruce Eelman, Ph.D.
Claire Puccia Parham, Ph.D.
The History of Detective Fiction Catherine Crohan
The History of Women in Detective Fiction Catherine Crohan
Health Psychology Max Levine, Ph.D. 
Human Sexuality Dean M. Amadio, Ph.D.
Individual Tax Compliance Sandy Zelka
Information Literacy Issues Catherine Crohan
International Business Raj Devasagayam. Ph.D.
Intimate Relationships Maureen Therese Hannah, Ph.D.
Iran Mahmood Karimi-Hakak
Judaism Peter Zaas, Ph.D.
Justice Issues Jennifer McErlean, Ph.D.
Kant Pablo Muchnik, Ph.D.
Kendra’s Law Diana Strock-Lynskey
Kurdish Minority Issue Vera Eccarius-Kelly, Ph.D. 
The Kyoto Protocol and Climate Change Jean Stern, Ph.D.
Labor History Claire Puccia Parham, Ph.D.
Latino and Latina Literature
Leadership Andrew Morgado, Lt. Col., U.S. Army
Charles F. Seifert, Ph.D.
Paul W. Thurston, Jr., Ph.D.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues Dean M. Amadio, Ph.D.
Merle Longwood, Ph.D.
Local Authors Charles Trainor, Ph.D.
Local Television News Dow Smith
Major Works of American Public Art Patrick Morelli
Male Sexuality and Masculine Spirituality Merle Longwood, Ph.D.
Management Charles F. Seifert, Ph.D.
Paul W. Thurston, Jr., Ph.D.
Marketing Raj Devasagayam, Ph.D.
Mark Grimm
Mass American Media Patrick Morelli
Materials Science John R. LaGraff, Ph.D.
Mathematics Emelie Kenney, Ph.D.
John O'Neill, Ph.D.
Media Analysis Mark Grimm
Medical Sociology
Duane A. Matcha, Ph.D.
Mental Health Dean M. Amadio, Ph.D.
Donna McIntosh
Mentoring Paul W. Thurston, Jr., Ph.D.
Modern Philosophy Pablo Muchnik, Ph.D.
Modern Turkish Politics Vera Eccarius-Kelly, Ph.D. 
Motivation Charles F. Seifert, Ph.D.
Paul W. Thurston, Jr., Ph.D.
Nanobiotechnology John R. LaGraff, Ph.D.
Nanotechnology John R. LaGraff, Ph.D.
Nausea and Motion Sickness Max Levine, Ph.D.
North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program Jean Stern, Ph.D.
Organic Chemistry John R. LaGraff, Ph.D.
Organizational Change Charles F. Seifert, Ph.D.
Ozone Depletion Thomas Coohill, Ph.D.
Psychophysiology (mind-body interactions) Max Levine, Ph.D.
Peace Process in Northern Ireland Merle Longwood, Ph.D.
Philosophy Pablo Muchnik, Ph.D.
Paul C, Santilli, Ph.D.
Physics John Cummings, Ph.D.
Poetry Daniel Cross Turner, Ph.D.
Political Philosophy Pablo Muchnik, Ph.D.
Portrayal of Psychological Issues in Popular Television and Movies Dean M. Amadio, Ph.D.
President Obama's Initiative to Create a Cabinet Post for the Arts Patrick A. Morelli
Probability John O'Neill, Ph.D.
Public Speaking Mark Grimm
Religion Peter Zaas, Ph.D.
Research Methodology and Statistics Paul T. Murray, Ph.D.
Restorative Justice Diana Strock-Lynskey
Revolutionary America Jennifer Dorsey, Ph.D.
Roman Catholicism Linh Hoang, O.F.M., Ph.D. 
Sexual Abuse and the Churches Merle Longwood, Ph.D.
Sexual Harassment Diana Strock-Lynskey
Shakespeare Charles Trainor, Ph.D.
The Sixties Paul T. Murray, Ph.D.
Social Problems Donna McIntosh
Southern Literature and Film Daniel Cross Turner, Ph.D.
The St. Lawrence Seaway Claire Puccia Parham, Ph.D.
Statistical Analysis and Business William. E. Engelhardt
Strategic Planning Paul W. Thurston, Jr., Ph.D.
Student Assessment in Higher Education Ralph Blasting, Ph.D.
Suicide Diana Strock-Lynskey
Synthetic Chemistry John R. LaGraff, Ph.D.
Teenagers Joseph G. Marrone, Ph.D.
Television and Media Management Dow Smith
Television Journalism Dow Smith
Television News Ethics Dow Smith
Theater and Drama Ralph Blasting, Ph.D.
Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Diana Strock-Lynskey
The United Nations Jean Stern, Ph.D.
U.S. President and First Lady Ratings Douglas Lonnstrom, Ph.D.
Ultraviolet Radiation Thomas Coohill, Ph.D.
Vietnam War Paul T. Murray, Ph.D.
Women's Movements Wendy Pojmann, Ph.D.