Key Messages

We want our prospective students to know Siena:

  • Delivers a personalized education and a transformational experience
  • Provides limitless opportunities with focus on the undergraduate
  • Shapes the whole person
  • Prepares them for a fulfilling career
  • Provides them with rigorous academics
  • Inspires them with our Franciscan values
  • Develops them into responsible leaders

We want our alumni and donors to:

  • Rediscover Siena and all it has to offer
  • Know that every gift makes a difference
  • Embrace changes and see it as Siena’s opportunity to prepare and grow for the future
  • Appreciate that Siena is a valuable community resource

We want the external world to know that Siena is:

  • A valuable community asset
  • Growing in a purposeful way
  • A research and scholarship resource – faculty and administrators are experts in a variety of fields
  • A highly reputable and esteemed institution with a positive impact on the region in terms of economic, leadership, volunteer and social support
  • An institution offering a rigorous academic experience

We want our internal community to know:

  • They represent Siena and personify its mission
  • All courses are taught in a liberal arts context
  • The upcoming comprehensive campaign represents our future.
  • The embodiment of Franciscan values is evident in everything we do
  • As ambassadors of the College, they are encouraged to be inclusive and be engaged


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