Mission Statement and Learning Goals

Mission Statement and Learning Goals

The School of Liberal Arts strives to create a dynamic learning community. Engaging in active learning, our students develop critical and creative thinking, informed reason and judgment, a diversity of perspectives, and effective communication skills.


The mission of the School of Liberal Arts is to create a dynamic learning community, rooted in the ideals of our Franciscan and Catholic tradition, in which students and faculty work together to explore the intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic dimensions of a humane and responsible world. We accomplish this through academically rigorous programs in the humanities, social sciences and the arts. Students and faculty engage in active teaching and learning to develop critical and creative thinking, informed and reasoned judgment, a diversity of intellectual and cultural perspectives, clear writing, and effective communication. At the heart of our mission lies primary responsibility for the Liberal Arts Core, on which the education of all Siena students is based. The School of Liberal Arts commits itself to ensuring the excellence of all of its courses. We encourage each individual to reach his or her highest potential, as we work together with respect, with friendship, and with joy. 

Learning Goals

Upon completion of a course of study within the School of Liberal Arts, each graduate will be able to:

  1. Apply evaluative thinking skills to investigate the complexities of the human past and its connections to artistic, ethical, sociopolitical, moral, and spiritual dimensions of contemporary life.
  2. Use analytical problem-solving skills and appropriate theoretical and methodological approaches.
  3. Utilize effective oral, written, and artistic communication relevant to academic disciplines.
  4. Exhibit mastery of appropriate technologies and information literacy competencies in academic pursuits.
  5. Demonstrate civic, social, and personal responsibility in support of a more peaceful, just, and humane world.
  6. Demonstrate an awareness of Franciscan and Catholic intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic traditions.
  7. Develop a perspective that recognizes diversity within and among cultures.