Mission, Vision and Learning Goals

Mission, Vision and Learning Goals


The School of Business places paramount importance on teaching students who seek a business degree steeped in Franciscan, Catholic and liberal arts traditions. We prepare our students with the analytic, communication, leadership, teamwork and learning skills necessary to help their organizations solve complex problems while thoughtfully considering the impact on all stakeholders and the natural world. We accomplish this through: the delivery of high quality programs, developed through continuous assessment, reflection and improvement of our curriculum; the recruitment, retention and support of faculty and staff who are dedicated to teaching excellence, professional development, service to our community, and scholarship that advances knowledge of business theory, practice and pedagogy; and, the promotion of open and honest dialogue with students, alumni, community leaders and academic partners.


To succeed in the future, we strive to provide an education that is differentiated and continuously improving in order to prepare students for the dynamic global business environment; offer multiple opportunities for challenging applied learning experiences within our academic programs; articulate, integrate and apply Siena’s Franciscan and liberal arts traditions to our teaching, research and service; enhance the interaction and collaboration among faculty and students; and, maintain an open and honest dialogue with all of our stakeholders.

Learning Goals

The School of Business provides intellectually challenging educational programs in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing that empower our students to address the challenges of an ever-changing world and a diverse society. Each School of Business graduate will attain the following outcomes:

Problem Solving
Think critically and creatively to solve complex organizational problems, using appropriate and analytic and quantitative techniques while integrating knowledge and skills from various disciplines.

Communicate orally and in writing using language appropriate to the audience.

Teamwork and Leadership
Demonstrate respect, responsibility, and a focus on serving others as a leader and team member.

Moral Consideration
Work toward a just, peaceable, and humane solution with thoughtful consideration of the impact on all stakeholders, the external environment, and the natural  world.

Life-Long Learning
Pursue opportunities that provide growth as an individual and as an organizational member.

Business Specialization
Develop competency in a chosen business discipline.

Revised 3-2011

The School of  Business has an Assessment Plan for each of the learning goals listed above.
Contact Michael Pepe, Learning Assurance Coordinator for the School of Business, with any questions (mpepe@siena.edu).