What can I do with a Math degree?

Careers in Math

A math degree gives you a set of skills that are highly sought after by many industries, including Energy, Telecommunications, Education, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Technology, Aerospace, and Manufacturing. In short, a math degree can take you anywhere!

Finding a career path:

  WeUseMath.org is an invaluable guide to math careers of all types.
The Early Career Profile Network from the AMS profiles the first careers of recent undergraduates.
BeAnActuary.org from the SOA
Career Profiles of Math Majors from the MAA
Career Information from the AMS
Careers in Statistics from the ASA
Thinking of a Career in Applied Mathematics? from the SIAM.
National Security Agency - a big employer of the mathematically minded
Why Major in Mathematics? from Duke University
Women at NASA
Careers in Operations Research or Management Sciences

Gaining experience while still a student:

  Undergraduate math conferences and journals:
Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Math Journal
Council on Undergraduate Research

Summer math programs and internships:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU's) from the NSF
Internship Opportunities for Undergraduates maintained by the AMS
Park City Math Institute Undergraduate Summer Math Program
Carleton College Summer Mathematics Program for Women
George Washington University Summer Program for Women in Mathematics

Semester long math programs:
Mathematics Advanced Study Semester (MASS) at Penn State University
Center for Women in Mathematics at Smith College
Math in Moscow
Budapest Semester in Mathematics

Finding that first job:

  Seeking help and advice:
Siena Career Center
Finding an Actuary Job from the SOA

Job Postings:
MAA Math Classifieds. A job postings website run by the MAA.
CAS Career Center from the Casualty Actuarial Society
SOA Career Center from the Society of Actuaries
ASA JobWEB for jobs in statistics
SIAM Job Board from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
National Security Agency Job Board - a big employer of the mathematically minded

Giving back through teaching:
New York City Teaching Fellows
Teach for America

Continuing your math education beyond Siena:

  Siena Career Center can help navigate the grad school application process.
Graduate School FAQ from Purdue University
Preparing for Graduate School in Mathematics from Saint Louis University
Choosing the Right Grad School from Harvard University
Applying to Graduate School from the AMS
Graduate Student Blog from the AMS
Career Advice from Terry Tao
Advice for Graduate Student in Statistics from J. Michael Steele

Professional organizations on your side:

  American Mathematical Society (AMS)
American Statistical Association (ASA)
Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)
Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State (AMTNYS)
Mathematical Society of America (MAA)
National Association of Mathematicians
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Society of Actuaries (SOA)
The Society for Mathematical Biology

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