Math Speaker Series

Math Talks

Quasicrystals, Chaos, and Neuron Modeling: in the Math Speaker Series, mathematicians from around the Northeast introduce Siena students to interesting, useful and fun mathematics.


Fighting the Tuberculosis Pandemic using Mathematics - Dr. Kristin Bennett (RPI) 

Proof without words - Dr. Mohammad Javaheri (Siena)

Cashing in on Cryptography - Daniel DiTursi (SUNY Albany/Siena College)

When lines and circles are all the same - Dr. Pedram Safari (Harvard University)

Resolving open problems in the study of Mathematical knots - Emily Casey (Siena 2014)

FALL 2013

A Game of Commuting Matrices - Dr. Leila Khatami (Union College) 

Using the Ammann-Beenker Tiling to Model Quasicrystals - Francesca Romano (Siena 2014)

Matrix Field Theory for RNA molecules - Dr. Graziano Vernizzi (Siena)

Routes to Infinity: Asymptotic Behavior in the Lamplighter Group - Dr. Keith Jones (SUNY Oneonta)

Optimal Pentagonal Tilings - Dr. Frank Morgan (Williams College)


Population Models with Mutualism - Dr. Len Putnick (Siena)

Paul Erdos, the traveling mathematician - Dr. Mohammad Javaheri (Siena)

Consensus-Type Stochastic Approximation Algorithms - Dr. Yu Sun (Siena)

More Explicit Formulas for Euler and Bernoulli Numbers - Francesca Romano (Siena 2014)

Event Chains and Inverse Problems with Applications to Neuroscience - Dr. Drew Warner (RPI)

Japanese Temple Geometry: A Tale of Math, Art, Religion, and History - Dr. David Clark (Randolph-Macon College)

FALL 2012

Math is a super power!  Share it!  Marketing "Extreme Problem Solving” to the Broader Community - Dr. Mary O'Keeffe Founding advisor of Albany Area Math Circle, co-organizer of the Math Prize for Girls@MIT, and public policy economist at Union College

Operator Algebras and Quantum Entanglement - Jon Bannon (Siena)

Structure in Numbers - Zachary Kudlak (Mount Saint Mary College)

Bachet's equation: From Diophantus to modern times - Nikolai Krylov (Siena)

Mathematica 8 in Education and Research - Andy Dorsett (Wolfram Research) 

Link theory and general relativity - Vladimir Chernov (Dartmouth College)


On Making Honesty the Best Policy (Mathematically) - Alan Taylor (Union College) 

Across the Great Divide: Generating Fun and Bridging the Gap between Two Competing Perspectives on Mathematics - David Vella (Skidmore College)

A Panoply of Pigeonhole Principle Pranks, with a Practical Application - Jon Bannon (Siena) 

The Infinitude of the Primes: The beauty of many proofs - M. Brad Henry (Siena) 


Queueing Theory - Mathematical Applications in Our Traffic System - Lauren Peloso (Siena) 

Robot Motions and Collisions - Satyan Devadoss (Williams College) 

Minimal Surfaces, Soap Films and Flat Chains - Marie Snipes (Kenyon College)

A Roller Coaster Ride Through Knot Theory - M. Brad Henry (The University of Texas at Austin) 

The Euler Characteristic - Keir Lockridge (Wake Forest University)

Communication Complexity and Linear Algebra - Louis Deaett (University of Victoria)

Dynamics of Linear Fractional Transformations - Mohammad Javaheri (Trinity College)

FALL 2010

Knots, Surfaces and k-Polygrams - Joseph D’Avanzo (Siena) 

Noncommutative polynomials and Finite von Neumann algebras - Joseph D’Avanzo (Siena) 

Algebraic Number Theory &amp Fermat's Last Theorem - Allison Pacelli (Williams College)

A Mathematical Model of Network Communication - James Gatewood (Siena) 

Derivative vs. Integral: The Final Slapdown - Colin Adams and Thomas Garrity (Williams College) 


A needle in a haystack - Gary Nan Tie (The Travelers Companies)

Hypergraphs: what they are, why we study them, and why they are really cool -  Leona Sparaco (Smith College) 

Where have all the lefties gone? - Darren Lim (Siena) 

Mathematics in Pre-modern India - Kim Plofker (Union College)

Preserving a Nation: Mathematics Education in Poland - Emelie Kenney (Siena) 

FALL 2009

Mathematics, Finance, and Paying Off Your Student Loans! An actuaries’ perspective geared towards the undergraduate - Lauren Cassidy and Brittany Parahus (Siena) 

Undergraduate Chaos - Edwin Rogers (Siena) 

Topological equivalence of matrices plus very nice stipends for graduate school - Mark Steinberger (SUNY Albany) 

What Can Mathematics Teach Us About Dating? - Scott Diehl (Siena) 

Zeta[3] via hyperbolic functions - Joseph D’Avanzo (Siena) 

Convergence of solutions and existence of multiple periodic solutions of a Non-Autonomous Rational Difference Equation - Michael Radin (Rochester Institute of Technology)


Monkeys, Mods, and Remainders! Oh My - Brian McCourt, Allison Fazio, and Erin Ward (Siena) 

A Prime Example - Brian McCourt, Allison Fazio, and Erin Ward (Siena) 

The Genus of Regular Polyhedral Toroids - Eric Heller (Siena) 

Testing very large numbers for primality - Darren Lim (Siena) 

Factoring Techniques - Ryan Bakes (Hudson Valley Community College)

Unfolding Polyhedra - Robin Flatland (Siena) 

Dynamics of simple folds in a plane - Nikolai Krylov and Edwin Rogers (Siena) 

FALL 2008

Voting with Rubber Bands and Pulleys - Davide Cervone and William Zwicker (Union College)

Be careful what you vote for - Jonathan Brown (Dartmouth College) 

Putting different colored balls into boxes - Erik Mulvaney (Siena) 

The Cantor set and space-filling curves - Don Hadwin (The University of New Hampshire) 

Career Advice For CS/IT/Math Types from a CS/IT/Math Type Problem Solver - Brad Lowry (School of Dentistry University of Southern California)

The Strategies and Tactics of Set and Setgame - Darren Lim (Siena) 


Knots Undressed - Jessica Hackett, Kellianne Kiely, Emery McDonald, Andrew Warner (Siena) 

Do some biological enzymes understand topology? Examining the "link" between DNA supercoiling and knot theory - Bianca Pier (Siena) 

Linking Invariants of Fronts and Causality - Vladimir Chernov (Dartmouth College) 

Ramanujan-Like Congruence Properties of the restricted partition function p(n,m) - Brandt Kronholm (SUNY Albany) 

Topologically Voronoi Nets - Nicole Greaney (RPI)

Do the Ends Justify the Lengths? - Csilla Szabo (RPI)

Babylonian Triples and Pairs of Equations: Origins of Algebra in Antiquity - Emelie Kenney (Siena) 

Coincidence, Chaos, and All That Math Jazz - Edward Burger (Williams College)

Searching for Missing Links: the Evolution of Some Undergraduate Research Projects - Brenda Johnson (Union College)

FALL 2007

Avoiding the Identity - Jacqueline Busching, Daryl Doty, Kelly Lawrence (Siena) 

Groups as Unions of Their Proper Subgroups - Jennifer Roberts and Celeste Sisson (Siena) 

Isomorphism, Equality, Apples and Trees - Jeffrey Dujardin, Amy Gadziala, Erin Guldenstern, Nicholas Orlando (Siena) 

Encryption, Asymmetry, and Prime Numbers  - Gove Effinger (Skidmore College) 

Visibility Graphs: A story of faculty and student collaboration over 10+ years - Alice Dean (Skidmore College)

Rational, Irrational, Algebraic and Transcendental Numbers - Junsheng Fang (University of New Hampshire)

Color my world: some open questions in graph coloring theory - Emelie Kenney (Siena) 

Sudoku Variants and Other Logic Puzzles - Kristin Farwell (Siena) 


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which Knot is Fairest of Them All? - Meghan Davey, Madeline Gialanella, and Jaclyn Iraci (Siena) 

Geometry meets Algebra Vector Space and Field Properties of the Regular Polygon - Sue Hurley (Siena) 

To Be or Not To Be? Let us Try and Answer the Question - Alexander J. LaPoint (Siena) 

The General Burnside Problem in Exponent 3 - Alexander J. LaPoint (Siena) 

An ocean front is not the beach - Thomas Rousseau (Siena) 

Mathematical models in daily life - Mingchu Gao (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Cracking the case of the twenty cases problem - Jim Matthews (Siena) 

The Educational Value of Boardgames - Darren Lim (Siena) 

FALL 2006

Constructing Numbers with Straightedge and Compass - Alan Wiggins (Texas A&M University)

The three B’s in fixed point theory - Peter N. Wong (Bates College)

The Higher Chain Rule and Composite Generating Functions - David Vella (Skidmore College)

Sonar and Radon Transforms - David V. Feldman (University of New Hampshire)

Computing with Continued Fractions - David V. Feldman (University of New Hampshire)

An Introduction to Quantum Cryptography - Mark Rosenberry (Siena) 


Games on the Torus and Klein Bottle - Jeffrey Avila, Linda Braham, Christine Kawczak, and Kristin Prochilo (Siena) 

On the Cantor Set and Various Dimensions - Kerry McKnight, Daniel Lomanto, Matthew Sayles, and David Smith (Siena) 

On Newton’s method for root finding and chaos, and how to really find roots of complex polynomials - Dierk Schleicher (International University Bremen, Germany) 

Symmetry, Group Actions, &amp Euclidean Geometry - David Vella (Skidmore College) 

Mysteries of Black Holes - Sergey Solodukhin (International University Bremen, Germany)

Uniqueness and the Doubling Operator - Ryan Decker (Siena) 

A Taste of Dynamical Systems - Ryan Decker (Siena) 

Finding the closed path of minimal length within a regular tetrahedron - Kristin Farwell (Siena) 

What is a real number? - Nikolai A. Krylov (Siena) 

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