Summer at Siena

Summer at Siena

Stay engaged and take advantage of your summer at Siena!

Summer Courses

Students, this is your opportunity to get ahead or get caught up, and save money at the same time with our reduced summer tuition rates. Courses offered in Liberal Arts, Business and Science.  Small classes taught by experienced professors help you earn the credits you need for next fall and beyond.

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Summer Tuition Rates

Siena College's normal undergraduate tuition rate for a 3 credit course is $1500, and the cost of a 4 credit course is $2000 plus any additional lab fees.

Under the "TAKE TWO" Campaign for Summer 2015 - The cost of the first undergraduate 3 credit course is $1250. The second 3 credit course cost is $750. Total cost for two 3 credit courses is $2000 (You save $1000 off of normal tuition rates). Siena College also will allow you to take a third 3 credit course for an additional $750.

NOTE: Taking 3 courses will put you at the 9 credit hour limit. It is imperative that you understand that if you reach 12 credits in courses, you will be considered a full-time student, and at that point, FULL-TIME tuition rates will apply. To take advantage of the Summer at Siena lower tuition rates you must stay between 3 and 11 credits. 

NOTE: A 4 Credit Course (which contains a Lab) will cost $1650 under the “Take Two” Campaign, plus any additional lab fees. Any additional 3 credit course taken with a 4 credit course would be an additional $750. (Again, you cannot exceed 11 credits, or you would pay the Full-Time tuition rate.) If you wish to take two 4 credit courses during the Summer, the Business Affairs Office will set a rate at that time.

HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARS PROGRAM: The High School Scholars tuition rate is a flat $750 per course. The $750 rate applies to 3 and 4 credit courses for High School Scholars.

NOTE: Taking 3 courses will put you at the 9 credit hour limit for the High School Scholars flat tuition rate. It is imperative that you understand that if you exceed 11 credits, you will be considered a full-time student, and at that point, FULL-TIME tuition rates will apply. In other words, you must be a part-time student to take advantage of the High School Scholars flat tuition rate (you must stay between 3 credits and 11 credits).

Please Note: If you sign up for a summer course and fail to formally withdraw, you may be held liable for all or a portion of the tuition fee for that course. You will find the Official Withdrawal Form for Siena College at:

If you have any questions on any of the information above, please call Academic Affairs at 518-782-6889.

Summer Student Policy

Academic Summer Camps

Each summer, hundreds of young people from the Capital Region gather at Siena College to enjoy a variety of camp experiences, make new friends, and learn new skills while having fun. Many of our camps are directed by full-time Siena faculty members who wish to share their expertise and love for teaching with our campers.


Summer Reading Programs for Youth and Adults

For an enjoyable activity with lifelong benefits, we recommend one of our eight different reading skills programs designed and taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development. Programs have been offered as a community service by Siena College, Academic Programs, since 2005.

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